Japan 2013: Study Abroad at Kanda University 神田外語大学に留学

First Trip to Japan: Nagoya and Tokyo
Japan: Day 1
Japan: Day 2 (Orientation Part 1)
Japan Days 3-4: Orientation
Japan Day 5: Move into Host Family’s House
Japan Day 6: The First Weekend
Japan Days 8-10: Orientation Week Two
Japan Days 11-12
Japan Day 13: Shinjuku and the Meiji Shrine
Japan Day 14: Tokyo Tour
Japan Days 15-16: Typhoon and a Matsuri
Japan Day 17: Field Placement at Sugano
Japan Days 18-19: Autumn Equinox
Japan Day 20: Kamakura
Japan Day 21: Chiba
Japan Day 28: Inubo
Japan Days 29-30: Glee and Shabu Shabu
Japan Day 32: A Trip to Narita
Japan Day 34: Harajuku and Shibuya
Japan Day 36: Code Switching
Japan Day 40: Tokyo History Tour
Japan Day 48: On Being Japanese
Japan Days 51-55: Kanazawa
Japan Day 52: Kenroku-en
Japan Day 74-75: Weekend in Kyoto
Japan Day 76: A Day in Nara
Japan Day 80-81: *First* Trip to Nikko
Japan: Sugano Elementary School Internship
Preparing for Japan: Part 1
Preparing for Japan: Part 2

Japan Summer 2014: IES Internship 東京にインターンシップの経験
(Organized Chronologically)

Return to Japan!
Return to Japan: Culture Shock
Gaijin in Japan and Self Esteem
A Gaijin’s Perspective of Other Gaijin
Why am I in Japan?
Host Families and Motivation
Learning Japanese in Japan
The Beginning
Self Introductions: The Very Necessary Japanese 自己紹介
Gaijin in Japan: #whitegirlproblems
Contemplating New Beginnings
すごいね、日本語:Hidden Meaning and Translation
The Influence We Have on Others
Grabbing Life By the Horns
Leaving Japan