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Japan Days 29-30: Glee and Shabu Shabu

So I joined the Glee Club.

I wasn’t going to join a club because they seem so intense, but my desire to meet people and study as much Japanese as possible won over and I searched for the right one. Kanda has dozens of clubs, and most of them are sports clubs and dance clubs. These are not just any regular clubs that you would find at a university in the states though, and the sports clubs include kendo and archery, and the dance clubs include Hawaiian dance, belly dance, salsa and much more.

Being I like singing and some of my friends were in Glee club, I decided to join it too. Little did I realize it was not “glee” as in singing, it was “Glee” as in singing the songs from the American television program “Glee.” Luckily for me, I was not set on what sort of club I was joining and went on and joined it, full speed ahead.

Everyone is singing one song together, and then we split up into three groups for other songs in smaller groups. I am in the mashup group for I Still Believe/Super Bass…up you heard it, I am singing and dancing to a Nicki Minaj song.

The people are fantastic, and I can’t wait to get to know everyone—especially since these people are not the ones I meet seeking English conversation in the SALC, or the people we were paired with during orientation.

However, it is definitely pushing my comfort boundaries! While I was learning the dance from one of my recently acquired friends, Chieko, I was told to dance “sexy.” Yep.

And in the other song we are singing as an entire group, there is one point when 10 people go to the front and do a different dance from everyone else. There aren’t many boys in the group, so they basically did rock-paper-scissors to decide who would do this. The girls were all too embarrassed after seeing what the dance was, and being the person I am, I offered to do it if no one else wanted to. As soon as I said this, I was offered up like a sacrifice.

It wasn’t until the next practice when I found out exactly what I would be doing. It turns out it is a flirtatious guy/girl dance.

We paired up by height, so naturally I am with my friend Ryan—another gaijin—who had also been roped into this. I think this initially was more awkward than it would have been if we had been paired with random people—as we had gotten to know each other over the past several weeks but were not incredibly close yet. Well, we are close now! 😛

All in all, it is an experience. And not one I thought I would have in Japan! We are performing at the school festival (yikes!) in less than a month, so I will keep you updated!

After last Friday’s practice, several Glee members met up with some other epals and IES friends to celebrate Chad’s birthday and have Shabu Shabu.


Shabu Shabu is delicious. It is a pot of boiling soup that you fill with vegetables, and after a little while you take incredibly thin slices of meat and cook it in the boiling soup.


It is really fun to do with a group, and we all bonded over food and gossip about the people in Glee club. Even though I have only been to 2 practices, the epals and IES people in the club filled me in on all the details!


Thanks for reading, and be on the look out for my travels this weekend… I may be doing something excited with my hair in Shibuya and I am planning on going to Yokohama this Sunday! ^_^



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