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Japan Day 52: Kenroku-en

As promised this is an extension to my previous post on my recent trip to Kanazawa. On the second day we were in Kanazawa we went to a park called Kenroku-en (兼六園) or the Six Attributes Garden. The garden was developed in the 17th century, first as the outer gardens of Kanazawa Castle. The garden is open year round and is free to the public, so I definitely recommend dropping by and wandering around for a few hours if you happen to be in the area!



This view is outside the tea house located in the middle of the garden. My program scheduled us for a traditional tea ceremony, so we all sat inside in a large tatami room sipping Matcha and eating wagashi before heading out and contemplating life on the patio while looking out at this pond. OK, maybe it wasn’t quite that romantic, but it very nearly was.





The scenery was so beautiful and I was at the garden with many of my new international student friends, so naturally the day turned into an impromptu photo shoot. Above is one of the many pictures of me in the park, sporting my “Japanese style” outfit. 😉





The garden is incredibly large, and on the farthest edge away from Kanazawa Castle there is a ledge with this viewpoint of the city and mountains in the distance. After all the wandering around, it was nice to just sit and appreciate the view.




Although we all split up and headed in different directions, the gaijin in our group kept running into each other, and we ended up with a lot of “stalker-esque” pictures. Here my friends and I watched our other friends from across the pond.



There were SO MANY koi fish, and they were desperate for food. One of my friends went and bought some bread, and we spent a fair amount of time feeding the fish. They were so large, came up so close, and were actually really noisy as they rushed forward to grab food. I really wanted to reach in and grab them, but I somehow managed to keep in the urge.





There are also quite a few waterfalls throughout the park. I love waterfalls, and had a lot of fun dragging my friends around to take pictures of all of them.





I hope you have enjoyed all my pictures from Kenroku-en!

Hopefully I will post more frequently…but as my study abroad program has gone on I have gotten much more busy with school and general life things.

HOWEVER. I am going to Kyoto next weekend and Nikko the weekend after that, so check back for more pictures and information! 😀



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