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Japan Days 11-12

So much has been happening, but at the same time I feel as if I have nothing to write about! I have been spending a lot of time still in Orientation sessions, finding places with internet, and hanging out with my IES friends. I have been here long enough that I am starting to develop a routine and I no longer feel like I have to take a picture of EVERYTHING…just most things! 😉

One adventure that happened on Thursday was that I had my “interview” for my internship. I was so paranoid about it that I got to the station almost 30 minutes early, but thankfully the station has many stores that I could wander about—most of them desserts and things for special occasions or as omiyage.



There was also a lot of very expensive fruit, which I don’t understand because at regular grocery stores you can get at least similar fruit for a fraction of the price. For those of you not familiar with yen, the melon is over $100, and the small bunch of grapes is about $70.



I also had my first History of Tokyo class, which threw my brain for a loop because I have been in “travel/fun” mode and haven’t been in class since last May! So to celebrate (and so we didn’t have to walk home in the unbearable sun) Grace and Mary and I went to the grocery store in AEON for some snacks.


Also on Friday I went shopping at what is now my favorite mall ever—Lalaport in Minami Funabashi. They really do have some of the cutest clothes and I would buy one of everything if I had limitless amounts of money, but the best part is the “Engrish” everywhere. The “Engrish” we found today was on some quality shirts. I bought one that says “So Forever Laugh” with a weird picture on it, and Grace bought this one that says “NAiL Your Favorite” though there were so many to choose from and it was a hard choice. 😛



Sorry this post wasn’t very exciting, but look out for my more exciting weekend posts! Saturday I am going to the Meiji Shrine, and Sunday I am going on a Tokyo Tour with my program!



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