I am usually stuffing my face with food…So I thought this picture was an apt description

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Maddie and all I want is to share my love for travel, pastries and language with the world–and find other people who love those things as much as I do.

Though I graduated with a double major in Asian Studies and Language Studies: Teaching ESL Abroad, I disregarded those subjects upon receiving my diploma and shipped off to the south of France for an 8 month journey in the realm of pastries.

The start of my pastry school adventures is laid out here: I’m Going to France…Again! , and then my more recently begun internship adventures start with my post La Passagére: And So It Begins!

That said, I am now headed to Miami, Florida to continue my


Attempting to have the “eye of the tiger” at my internship in France

studies before going back to Japan for some internship opportunities. Hopefully someday soon I will be using the full range of language/cultural/pastry skills that I have acquired over the years 😛

This blog is designed to share my baking and travel adventures with anyone who is interested in reading about them. I love sharing my stories, pictures and recipes with everyone, but please know that this is a hobby and I can’t promise any sort of regular posting, so I appreciate your patience if the site hasn’t been updated in awhile!

If you want to know more of my backstory check out my post here. As much as I value living in the present and looking toward the future, sometimes it is important to remember and reflect on the past–and the past ten years of my life have greatly shaped who I am and what I am doing today.

**I would also like to apologize for any posts that do not have pictures. By mistake they were deleted, and I do not have enough time to replace them. My goal is to do so at some point in the future, so know that I am both aware of this problem and that I will work on it when possible!

P.S. If I at any time break out in a language you don’t understand, I apologize. Most likely there will be translations, otherwise just assume I have good intentions 😉