Internship at La Passagére at l’Hôtel Belles Rives 

La Passagére: And So it Begins
Anecdotes from the Kitchen
Jelly Beans, Cookies and Battle Scars: Tales from the Kitchen Week Three
Bisous, Wild Lavender and Air Vents: Week Four in the Kitchen
Pokémon, Evolution and Friendship: Week Five in the Kitchen
Ecosystems and Mise en Place: Week Six in the Kitchen
Gossip, Figs and Sushi: Week Seven in the Kitchen
Coupe de Feu & Meilleur que Hier: Week Eight in the Kitchen
Pep Talks and Adjustments: Week Nine in the Kitchen
Trials, Jokes and Translations: Week 10 in the Kitchen
Writing in Chocolate, Midnight Adventures and French Skills: Week 11 in the Kitchen
Chaos and Strength: Week 15 in the Kitchen

Pastry School in Agde 

I’m Going to France…Again!
The Pressure of Envy: Countdown to France
Weekend in Paris: Part 1
Weekend in Paris: Part 2
Arrival in Nice
Nice, France: Days 1 & 2
Travel to Agde + My New Apartment 
Gastronomicom Day 1: Orientation
Gastronomicom: First Day in the Kitchen
Gastronomicom Week One: Bread Week
Gastronomicom Week Two: Entremet Week
Gastronomicom Week Three: Chocolate Week
Studying French: Language Interference
Gastronomicom Week Four: Plated Dessert Week
Gastronomicom Week Five: Bread Week
Gastronomicom Week Six: Entremets Week
Gastronomicom Week Seven: Chocolate Week
Gastronomicom Week Eight: Plated Desserts Week
Gastronomicom Week Nine: Final Bread Week
Gastronomicom Week Ten: Final Entremets Week
Gastronomicom Week Eleven: Final Chocolate Week
Gastronomicom Week Twelve: Final Plated Desserts Week