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Japan Day 21: Chiba

The program I am in is called IES Tokyo. Naturally, I assumed that I would be living and going to school in Tokyo and not the “greater Tokyo area.” I actually live and go to school in Makuhari which is in Chiba Prefecture. Makuhari is a bit like a mix between a small city and a large suburb, and has a decently sized downtown area with large buildings, a mall, many restaurants, a movie theatre and many other things, in addition to several schools and a large residential area.

Makuhari has a bookstore—which I adore—but I wanted to go to a larger bookstore in hopes that they would have more books for learners of Japanese. Originally I was going to go to one of the bookstores near Tokyo station or in Shibuya, but I didn’t really want to travel all the way in just to go to one store, and I wanted to actually get some rest today. So, I decided to go to Chiba.

Chiba city is about 5 stops away from Makuhari in the opposite direction from Tokyo. I talked to IES friends about going with me on this adventure, but between people going into Tokyo and wanting to rest up after all the excitement, I ended up going by myself. This was a little strange, and was really the first time I had done something by myself like this since the first day I arrived in Japan.

When I got to the station in Chiba, I realized that there were two large shopping complexes connected to it—convenient since I knew little to nothing about the city!

I was on a mission for the book store, which was on the 9th floor. However, even though I passed up several clothing stores that drew my attention, I had no choice but to stop and look around when I reached the 8th floor and I spotted kitchen gadgets. >.<



I made my way up to the bookstore, only to be disappointed with their selection. That said, it was still highly entertaining and I spent about a half hour there.


I went over to the second mall-like complex, and found a juice and crepe store that conveniently had wifi. 😀


With a little more exploring I discovered the basement food area—which was extensive—and more kitchen gadget stores.


Best of all though, I discovered the ABC Cooking Studio, where people can take a wide variety of private and group cooking lessons. I had found their website and fell in love with it a few months ago (maybe you remember from my previous post). I am not sure if I will have time, but I would love to take advantage of this studio and I am taking with my foreign and Japanese friends about going with me some day after school.


That’s all for now! Thanks for reading! ^_^



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