Italy 2016

A Day in Milan
Dinner at Ristorante Tokuyoshi
Exploring Florence
Dinner at La Bottega del Buon Caffé
Exploring Venice
Dinner at Ristorante Quadri

France 2016

Dining and Food Adventures

In the Kitchen at Château de Bégude
Diner à La Place de Mougins
Antibes, Cannes and Valbonne Food Adventure
Food, Reunited Friendships and More Food in Nice
Pastry and Beach Adventures in Cannes
Diner à Le Ciste
Diner à La Passagére
Epic Paris Pastry Tour
Lunch at Yam’tcha

France 2015

Study Abroad in Annecy 

I’m going to France…for a month!
The Journey to France
Eating like the French and the beginnings of Culture Shock
Learning French in France
Making Friends Abroad and a Sunny Adventure
A “Walk” and a Nature Reserve
Col du Grand Colombier
Second Language Interference
Vocabulary Acquisition: Creating Scaffolding with French Books

England and France/Family Travel

London: Spring Break 2013 (no pictures)
Paris: A Day Trip (no pictures)
A Week in Europe: 2015
Trip to The Cotswolds: Vacation 2016