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Pastry and Beach Adventures in Cannes

Sunday morning we all woke up at a decent time…and then managed to not leave the apartment until like 10:30…and then didn’t get to Cannes until like 11:45 because of train schedules. Its fine.


I could tell that my crew was about as skeptical of Cannes as I was before the first time I went there–and I was determined for them to love it as much as I have come to. There was a lot of pressure–I had less than a day to find the best parts of a city I had only been two a small handful of times!

We started off by walking next to the water as we headed to a lookout point I had only ever seen from a distance. I really didn’t know what to expect from the top of the little hill, and to be honest I was worried it would be an incredible disappointment. Luckily for all of us, after a brief uphill walk we arrived at a little stone mansion/castle/church (aren’t I great at observing things?) which housed a museum along with courtyards looking out at Cannes from all points of view.

After the requisite million pictures on all possible devices with every app possible, we made our way back down to the town. Jenny’s dad has a thing for small alleys and areas off the beaten path, so we ignored the main street we had taken on the way up in favor of some smaller paths.

I was absolutely positive that we were going to get lost and have a two hour detour as we tried to find our way again–and I began imagining us starting, parched and burning in the sun as we went in circles.


Are you beginning to realize how much of a pessimist I am? I should probably work on that…

Well, we kept walking, following the streets that went downhill, and within 10 minutes we were back safely in the main cafe/shopping area of Cannes.


By this time, we decided we were hungry enough to search for a place to eat lunch, though on our way to find a restaurant that was not to expensive, with available seating, with foods that we hadn’t already eaten during the weekend, we obviously stopped in a few stores to do some shopping.

It was not the best food I have ever eaten in France, but it was still delicious–and soon enough we were all contentedly full and attempting to find the motivation to leave our table in the shade and move on the the next activity.

I was determined though. It was my goal to try a new pastry shop and simultaneously force Jenny and her parents into enjoying some real French pastries. Since we were all full and the others had their thoughts turned to laying in the sun on the beach, stuffing our faces with sugar was not as high on the priority list for everyone else as it was for me. Even when we sat down at Lenôtre, I could tell that the group was still lukewarm about the idea.

But 15 minutes later our pastries and coffee arrived (along with another wave of pictures from every angle imaginable) and the only thought at the table was one of pure bliss.

Seriously. It was so good. Definitely within the best pastries I’ve eaten in France so far.

More than full and thoroughly caffeinated, we hit the beach.

Or…we attempted to hit the beach.

Who knew that a perfectly sunny and warm Sunday in Cannes would bring all the people out to the beach? Oh, just kidding, I guess that is the MOST OBVIOUS THING EVER.

So we searched for about 10 minutes just for a place to put our towels, and when we finally did, Jenny and I stripped down to our suits and all but ran into the water. I was so hot and so ready for the cool salty water. Luckily for us, the beach in Cannes was sand–no need to burn our feet on rocks or pathetically stumble up and down the bank into the water.

All too soon, it was evening, and it was time for me to part ways and head back to my real life. After a surreal 48 hours exploring the south of France with Jenny–something I never thought would happen when I first met her a year ago–I was headed back to Juan les Pins to prepare for work the next morning, and she and her parents were headed back to Nice before catching a flight back to the US the next morning.

I have no way to express my gratitude for the fun and relaxation that happened all weekend, for being able to speak English, catch up with a friend, and have parent-figures to share my experiences with. After over four months in France, I am now reaching the point where this is the longest time I have ever been abroad–so it was nice to break it up by seeing some familiar faces.

Thank you to all my loyal followers and any new people who are reading my blog for the first time. I hope you enjoyed my stories and pictures of Cannes, and be on the lookout for my next posts about my life in the kitchen and in the south of France!


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