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Disgustingly Cheesy and Completely True Digital Storytelling

This past semester I have been taking a class called Intercultural Communication and Leadership. While a lot of it has been review of prior anthropology and linguistics classes and reinforcing of the morals and viewpoints my university in America instills in its students, there have been some features that have been surprisingly interesting and informative.

For my final project in the class, we were told to create a digital story. At first I was let down and a bit annoyed to find that this was not actually a movie but rather was a video made of pictures and voice over. But once I got an idea for my story I started writing and was soon excited to start the process of collecting pictures to illustrate my story.

I love writing (obviously…I by choice write a blog whenever I have free time) and I also am very introspective, so it is easy for me to journal and contemplate my life.

However. It is not often that I share those inner musings with the people around me. Probably the closest I come is writing and publishing this blog, but even then it is not face-to-face; I can’t see the reactions of people I am close with as they hear my inner stories.

So as soon as I started putting pictures to my story and reading through my story time after time, I began to get more and more nervous anticipation. My digital story is true, if a bit exaggerated and despite narrowing down everything into one or two basic factors.

It is hard to put out your inner musings about your own life when they are so important and valuable to who you are as a person. It is one thing when I am talking about cake and random travels and language adventures I have, but talking about how I have reclaimed my own personal identity through my experiences in Korea and with the Korean language….makes me feel like I stripped naked in a room full of all my friends. (And not in the fun “we-are-naked-because-we-are-bathing-in-an-onsen/jimjilbang” type of way)

So without further ado, here is my Digital Story: Discovering Identity Abroad.

Have you ever created a digital story? Was it as horribly cheesy and embarrassing and yet somehow incredibly fulfilling?

Thanks for reading and watching! As you maybe know my time in Korea is coming to an end (for now), but I am off to the US to graduate and lock myself in my kitchen and force feed my family baked goods, so stay tuned for more adventures AND RECIPES in the future! ^_^


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