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B1A4 Adventure Concert at Yonsei

Last weekend I went to a concert. A Kpop concert. AT MY UNIVERSITY. I didn’t even know that was a possibility until very recently–especially at a school like Yonsei.

Sure Yonsei is gorgeous and centrally located in Seoul, but at the same time, it is a SKY school–so that would be like having the Backstreet Boys perform at Harvard or Yale. But somehow it was just another one of those things that happens and seems natural when its in Korea.


So after a day of dying my hair and wandering around shopping, my friends and I wandered over to the Yonsei amphitheater (all of 15 minutes from our dorm). Unfortunately for us, being fans of a group in Korea typically means arriving WAY earlier than you need to even when there are assigned seats…and the official merchandise for the group stopped selling about two hours before the concert–which is when we showed up.



We were going to see B1A4, so between the group and the location we were surrounded by a sea of Korean girls. Pawel was a trooper and was content with being probably one of ten guys there who wasn’t dragged by a girlfriend.


I have to say that I was doubtful about how the concert would go–partially because I used to be an ubber fan of B1A4 back when they first debuted and hadn’t really kept up with their more recent music, and partially because I think kpop concerts are always a gamble as far as ability to perform live and such.

So as I sit there waiting for the concert to start, talking to my friends as we were strictly forbidden from taking any pictures (in what ended up being the most ideal weather, I might add) I didn’t really know what to expect. But as soon as the concert started it was amazing. It ended up being a solid three hours of great performances and a surprising amount of audience interaction.




Since I wasn’t allowed to take any pictures or videos (I think because they were filming the concert for an official DVD) I am going to tell you about some of the highlights:

-First of all, even though they debuted several years ago, they played all of their original hits–sometimes in a remixed version–like OK, Beautiful Target, and What’s Happening. Don’t worry, I sang along like the 15-year-old fan girl in me desired 😛
-Sandeul sang 짝사랑 in one of the moments when the rest of the members went to change outfits. I died.
-For I think no other reason than fan service, all five members performed a song that was entirely drumming…..basically shirtless….with spotlights…..Who knew an idol’s arms could be so muscular? *drools*
-Gongchan needs to stop winking and smirking at the audience. I don’t think my heart can handle it.
-Speaking of fan service, one of the three songs they sang in their “encore” went on forever and ever because they kept saying “one more time!” and singing the refrain again and again while running through the crowd like crazy people, pouring bottles of water on everyone. It was a party.


Needless to say, in the last week I have downloaded all of B1A4’s newest songs and have been listening to them on repeat. >_<

It also sparked my desire to go see a million more concerts….so hopefully you will be reading more posts like this in the future!


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