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Do You Know Namsan Tower?

Apparently if you go to Namsan Tower single you will remain single forever. Ah well, I guess its too late for me 😛

Despite the new dismal outlook on my future, my trip to Namsan was amazing–and actually a surprise, as my program didn’t tell us that they were taking us there.

Namsan Tower is one of the many “couple” locations in Seoul, and as such is a frequent location for filming in Korean Dramas–with main characters meeting at the tower at night, riding the cable cars and adding personalized locks to all the others on the balcony. Because it is so well known and talked about in dramas (and even songs) it was definitely on my Seoul To-Do List.

A few nights ago you may remember that The Squad and I tried to go to Namsan Tower at night, but then epically failed and ended up going to karaoke. I was not expecting to get a chance to go again so soon, but after touring the Samsung Innovation Museum yesterday, the CIEE program director asked us if we wanted to go back to the dorms or continue on to Namsan Tower. Obviously we all chose to go to Namsan Tower. Luckily for us, the bus we were on took us most of the way up the mountain and my program also paid for our lunch and entrance fee, so it was a surprisingly cheap trip.

I actually made a *hopefully amusing* video about my trip to Namsan Tower, so instead of writing more I am just going to post the video! Please watch! ^_^



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