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Tour of Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Friday morning I woke thinking I was about to have orientation specific to a certain class I would be taking…nope…we had a two hour class.

Guys, I was not prepared for that. Thank goodness the class consisted of mainly an overview of the course and some discussions about culture and communication. Though I am sad to report that despite having an entire week left of orientation, I already have homework T_T (And unfortunately for the overachieving perfectionist portion of me, I am so busy adventuring and having fun that I have yet to actually think about doing said homework).

So after two hours of unexpected class time and a lunch that also lasted much longer than I expected as CIEE (my study abroad program) people kept coming in to the same restaurant. I started out eating lunch with two girls…and somehow by the end of lunch I was sitting with a group of 7.

I can already tell that CIEE students–myself included–are going to frequent these two certain cafes connected to our dorm. The wait staff are going to think we are stalking them…oops.

Anyway, after class and lunch, our large group met in the lobby of the dorm to head out to the afternoons activities. One group was going to make handmade fans, and the other group of us was heading out to tour Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Since there were at least 30 of us in that group, I assumed the program had once again chartered a bus to transport us.

I was wrong.

We played follow-the-leader, parading down the streets of Seoul until we reached a bus stop–taking two public busses. Of course most of us acted American on an already crowded bus, which resulted in an old Korean man literally yelling at us to shut up because of how loud it was. (Of course the majority of the students on the bus don’t really speak Korean so they of course had no idea that they were being told to be quiet…and the noise unfortunately continued until we got off the bus, thankfully at the next stop).

I thought the bus was bringing us to our destination, but actually the bus was just bringing us to a different subway line, which we then walked to and rode to the DDP. By the time we finally got there we were all hot and confused, and I was already annoyed at being associated with a herd of loud Americans.

A Korean woman came through the herd and passed out tour passes, and we set off on our adventure.


I wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect of touring the outside of the building, despite how impressive and gorgeous the building is, as it was like 90 degrees, humid and sunny, but it was totally worth it. Everything about the building from the reasoning behind the curved edges to the unique panels covering the building had a back story. I was too hot and tired to take many pictures, but here are a few of the things I saw:

The inside of the building has several exhibition spaces, a museum and a shopping area among other things. Two of the most amusing and unexpected things–that really had nothing to do with the building itself–were the random *EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE* chairs everywhere and the random “toy” statues of EXO members.

Each of these chairs are worth $50,000...because that is normal...

Each of these chairs are worth $50,000…because that is normal…

This is one of three chairs that tilts in a circle when you sit in it...also normal...

This is one of three chairs that tilts in a circle when you sit in it…also normal…


Look who we found ;)

Look who we found 😉

"Rumor says he eats more ice creams more than he sells..." WHAT EVEN IS THIS FOR? AND WHY IS IT HERE?! lol

“Rumor says he eats more ice creams more than he sells…” WHAT EVEN IS THIS FOR? AND WHY IS IT HERE?! lol

After learning all about the DDP, I broke off with a smaller group to explore on our own for awhile before running home in exhaustion. I would love to go back and explore more–especially at night when everything is bright lit up.


Sorry for not really explaining the DDP lol. I am too distracted by life to properly explain all the interesting things about the building and the area. ALSO I had the most amazing adventure yesterday and a million pictures to upload ^_^

So keep tuned for more adventures! Hopefully I will post more about my life here either tonight or–lets be honest–tomorrow. Todays adventures is, wait for it, a sheep cafe and You Are Here cafe in Hongdae.

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