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Heading to Korea #StudyAbroadAddiction

In the last two years I have spent 7 months overseas, and in a few weeks I am heading out for another several months! I think I could write this entire post in entirely hashtags: #TravelAddict #TooManyOptions #CommitmentIssues #ThirdTimesACharm #ExcitementOverload #IMissMyKitchenAlready

Anyway. I am heading to Seoul, South Korea this time through a program called CIEE (sorry IES…I feel like I am betraying you…) and I will be studying at a university called Yonsei. Yonsei (or YonSeiDae as every Korean person ever says) is one of the top schools in Korea. Seoul University always holds the number one position, and Yonsei fluctuates between spots 2-4. Nonetheless, its an amazing school, and when I tell people I will be studying there they always make remarks about how I must be super smart, so I need to bring my A game!


Because this is my third time studying abroad and fourth time living abroad, I am feeling super chill about leaving. Besides stocking up on American toothpaste (if you have ever tried Japanese toothpaste you know that this is something you can’t leave to chance) and light colored T-Shirts (trust me, winter is not coming any time soon, and I will be gushing sweat everywhere–air conditioning is for the weak) I really haven’t been preparing much in terms of luggage.

HOWEVER, I have stepped up my studying. And by that I mean I actually flip through a Korean text book on occasion and I endlessly watch episodes of Running Man before I go to sleep at night. I mean, Korean Variety Shows = Studying, right? Compared to the 4 levels of Japanese classes through IES Tokyo, I have heard through the grapevine that there are 8-9 levels of Korean classes through CIEE Seoul, and having spent most of my time since I started learning Korean studying independently, I seriously have no idea where in that I will be placed. I also heard that part of the placement test is spoken, so I recently forced a Korean person to become friends with me, so hopefully I will get to practice a little bit more before I leave 🙂

Back to my plans in Korea though. So I will be studying at Yonsei, which is where the little red marker is if you know anything about Seoul:

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.32.51 AM

The Yonsei campus is self contained, but is very much in the middle of Seoul, and after consulting Google I absolutely can’t wait to see it in person:


My goals in Korea basically involve surviving my dorm and whoever my roommate ends up being, eating all the food, and going to the You Are Here cafe on a semi-regular basis for all the nerdy exciting Language Meetups. I am already planning to go to (as in bought tickets for) B1A4’s concert at Yonsei in September, and have already stalked most of the other people in my program so hopefully we will all go on fun adventures together all the time! After my experiences in Japan I know that however much you plan for a study abroad experience, things will change once you get there, so I am trying not to think too much about what will happen and just let it happen instead.

The unavoidably cheesy section of todays post? My philosophy is that the biggest road block in being abroad is yourself. I’m saying this as an introverted person who likes to stay in and bake things while watching Netflix: even if you don’t have the confidence or the extroverted tendencies, you need to fake it and not let parts of yourself that make you who you are in your home country get in the way of who you might be and what you could experience when you are abroad.

When I went to Japan the first time I blogged every day for at least a month, and then completely dropped off the face of the internet. When I was in Japan the second time, I did an alright job of posting things about weekly–but I also had 12 hour work shifts alone in an office with basically nothing to do but mess around on the internet and think about life. I also have a long list of things that I thought I wanted to talk about from France that now I don’t know if I should post because I’ve already been home for two months 😛 SO. I have relatively low expectations that I will be able to maintain my blog from August-December, but I AM GOING TO TRY MY BEST! 화이팅! I am going to try to post as often as I can in the beginning of my travels in order to have some momentum, and after that I will try to post about the big things that happen–or at least keep track of them so that I can post about them when I return home and am stranded in Minnesota with nothing to do.

If anyone wants to know about any particular aspect of my life abroad, leave me a message in the comments section below! And if you have any recommendations for places to go or things to eat (especially things to eat) let me know below ^_^


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