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Christmas in Hawaii

Partially because I was in Japan until December 20th last year, partially because my brother had recently moved to Portland, and partially because the family had gotten in the habit of buying expensive Christmas presents that nobody actually needed, we decided to have Christmas in Hawaii. The week started off with emotional reunions, me attached to my phone as if it were a vital organ, my brother sad he was separated from his fiance, and all around jet lag from the time difference. That said, the weather was perfect and we all got some quality time hanging out on the beach and getting some much needed R&R.

I am not writing this post to brag about my relaxing week on the beach though, as that is a fairly obviously result of going to Hawaii. No, I am writing this because (yes even though it is a year later) I wanted to share some of the actual adventure-y things that I did while I was there. I have always had a tentative relationship with heights, and no one I know would ever describe me as “athletic” or “outdoorsy” in the slightest. Maybe it was because of my months in Japan or maybe it was just the mood in Hawaii, but I jumped on board with the rest of my family as we snorkled and went zip-lining–in fact I was probably the least nervous one in the group as we zip lined from mountain to mountain in the rain!

Also, in the last day since I learned it was possible, I am not obsessed with the gallery feature of blogging. Like, where has that been all my life? So like it or not, you are getting more galleries in this post, though I will split up the pictures by theme/activity.

Here are general pictures of Maui, mostly beach and nature related:

Here are pictures of our snorkle/scuba adventure:

And finally some pictures of the crazy zip-line adventure:

Thanks for reading! Check back soon for more adventures!



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