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Blogilates and Perhaps a New Year’s Resolution

So I am really not the kind of person who works out. Or exercises. Or excels at athletic things.

Unfortunately all my hobbies and lifestyle choices keep me indoors and fairly sedentary. Being a fairly educated person however, I have always known that I really should be more active. As this is much easier said than done, though I do make it to the gym once in awhile I never really picked up much of a routine.

However. When I was in Tokyo these past four months I had no choice but to walk to school, to the station, and wherever else I needed to go on any given day. Because of this I became accustomed to walking for anywhere between 1-3 hours every single day. Returning to America, especially during the winter, I knew something would have to change in order to keep up my level of activity.

Luckily for me, I met someone in my program in Japan who is much more dedicated and determined than I am in setting fitness goals! Better even than that, she set up a blog to track and share her progress. ダバむ. What started as me checking out her blog turned into me checking out the website she was inspired by…which turned into me checking out one of the workout videos…which turned into be DOING one of the workout videos….

…which as you might have guessed, turned into me epically failing and turning into a mass of aching muscles after a single workout. Yep. That was all the motivation I needed to realize I need to do something about my fitness!

I was surprised at how much I like Blogilates. I don’t know why, but I was incredibly doubtful that a home workout program would actually be helpful. However, the site is incredibly well organized, and there is no need to go in any particular order, so people can get out of it what they want.

Although it was not my New Year’s resolution to start working out (today is January 1st) but it is as good a day as any to set goals right? I want to keep this blog dedicated mainly to my baking adventures and travel experiences, so I probably won’t update much on my exercise success, BUT I wanted to post this and share the resources I found. So now everyone can go look at all my delicious recipes and not feel quite so guilty about trying them out if you promise yourself you are also going to start working out too right? πŸ˜‰ I’m mostly kidding, but isn’t it a great feeling when you dig in to a huge piece of cake and you are able to think, “yeah, I deserve this because it is completely balanced out by this mornings workout…and tomorrow I will workout to deserve more!”

Anyway, sorry, that got a bit ramble-y toward the end… >.<

But stay tuned, I have been neglecting my blog but I hope to catch up and post a ton of things about the rest of my study abroad in Japan as well as the baking I have done in the few days that I have been home! πŸ˜€



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