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Syphon Tea Pot

I seem to collect tea paraphernalia. It “seems” that way because it is unintentional, and 99% of the things I have collected have been birthday and Christmas presents. >.< Don’t get me wrong, this is fantastic! …But it has gotten to the point that I literally have 8 tea pots…

This past week while celebrating my birthday, I received yet another tea pot. However, this is not just any tea pot, it is magical!


Just kidding, its not really magical, though the science does make it seem like it has super powers! The water is added to the bottom part of the pot, with the tea leaves in the top bowl. This is set on a stand, resting above a small open flame. Unfortunately I wanted to try it out really badly and didn’t realize I needed to buy gas for the burner separately… oops! XD So I ended up putting it on the stove on really low heat, which worked fine even if it was less aesthetically pleasing.


Then as the water heats up in the bottom bowl, the magic *cough*science*cough* pulls the water into the top bowl.


Stir the tea for about a minute before turning off the heat and allowing the tea to filter back down to the bottom bowl. Tada~ The tea is ready!

I thought this method would take a really long time and be really annoying to clean, which would be terrible because I drink tea 2 to 20 times a day. (Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration… but at the same time, there is a ring of truth….)


Returning to the point, it is actually easy and quick to use, and there really aren’t many parts that require cleaning. Additionally, the pot can be stacked and set on the stand when it is not in use, so it actually doesn’t take up much space–another plus when living in an apartment!

For non-tea drinkers, I have heard that this exact pot can be used for coffee. I would definitely try it, but I wouldn’t want to use the same filter for both coffee and tea, and I don’t particularly want to switch them out every time I use it/waste the remaining filter I have as back up.

All in all, it is a fantastic tea pot, and I am excited to keep using it in the future! 😀 It is great for day to day personal use, and will certainly be entertaining when I have people over. My friends all know that they can’t come over without being served tea… no matter what the weather is outside, and now with my new tea pot they might even be excited for that to happen! 😉


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