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Japanese Online Tools

Over the past few years, I have come across a few websites that have really helped me with my Japanese studies. With other languages, it is relatively easy to look things up in a paper dictionary, or just read a word and move on if you don’t know the meaning, but in Japanese the kanji often halts progress in that regard. For many new learners, you may remember the pronunciation/hiragana of a word, but if you don’t know the kanji, you may feel like you don’t know the material you are reading.

With these tools, you can easily look up new words and find the correct reading for kanji, and hopefully make progress toward your language learning goals!

The first is just a dictionary, but it is an amazing dictionary. It is called Denshi Jisho.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.30.48 PM

Awesome things about this site:
1) You can look up words, kanji, and sentences in both Japanese and English
2) You can type in “romaji” or the English alphabet in the Japanese search section, and it will transfer it to Hiragana. Perfect for when you are borrowing someone else’s computer or can’t find the international keyboard.
3) Not only does it give you the kanji, hiragana and definition in English when you search a word, it also tells you the part of the sentence and whether it is a common word, slang, and if the word is part of a “non-standard” dialect.

The second is a great resource for first and second year Japanese students using Genki, a beginner to intermediate language textbook. It is called Usagi Chan

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.31.07 PM

Awesome things about this site:
1) Vocabulary Flash Cards: This feature really saved me during the year before a vocabulary test! If you go to “Vocabulary” and then go to the bottom where it says “All Lessons” you can choose either all words or vocab words by chapter.
2) The Kanji Lists: Under the “Kanji” section at the top, you can go chapter by chapter to see lists of Kanji. Not only that though, but for each individual word you can see an entire list of words that kanji is used in–words that aren’t mentioned or shown in the Genki textbooks. While this is not necessary to simply pass the tests or understand the Genki material, but it is good for learning the meaning of the Kanji and for future learning.

The third resource is for all purpose Japanese studying, Renshuu.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 9.38.11 PM

Awesome things about this site:
1) Quizzes: I don’t love taking tests, but this is a great way to measure and challenge your Japanese skills. The great thing is that the quizzes cover all aspects of Japanese learning–from vocab to kanji to general grammar.
2) JLPT Practice: For those of you who are interested in one day taking the JLPT, there are specific quizzes that test you based on which level you are trying to pass and help prepare you for the material that will be on that test.

I hope you have found this helpful! 😀 Let me know if there are any other great language related resources out there, I am always looking for more ways to learn!


  1. Mina says

    Hey Eonni~ If you want to add to your list, I also LOVE memrise. It’s a flashcard type website as well, but I find it super useful. They have all sorts of languages and the cards are broken up by textbook. I’ve used it a lot to study during the school year and think it’s really helpful 🙂

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