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Rainbow Cake

Until last summer, I was a purist. (I blame my mother for encouraging the family to be organic and natural). For how much I baked, I almost never used food coloring, and even the thought of it was similar to the thought of making cake pops: horrifying. Then one day, I was out with a group of friends and someone suggested that I make a rainbow cake. I was all ready to scoff and protest in a food-snobbish manner that I don’t make things with that much food coloring, when I realized not only was she 100% serious but that all the other friends with us thought it was a great idea.

More than upholding my honor of being a food snob, I LOVE baking for other people. I mean, absolutely completely nothing makes me happier than making someone else happy by giving them food I made.

So I was left with no choice. I HAD to make a Rainbow Cake.


I think this was the first time I had made a cake with so many layers, and it was definitely the first time using all this food coloring. I am serious, we didn’t have any in my house so I had to run to the store and buy some 😛

It turned out fantastically though, and definitely was a catalyst in sparking my creative juices and encouraging me to step outside my box.

Obviously the main star is the rainbow colored cakes. To make them, choose a simple, light colored batter and separate it into the number of bowls that you want colors. I had 6 layers: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Because I am a nerd and I only had three pans, I baked the warm colors first and then the cool colors.IMG_0637



As the cakes were cooling, I made a legit buttercream. Lately I have been making “Buttercream” which is literally just butter and sugar, but this was the real kind which involves egg whites and boiling sugar. Needless to say the extra time and effort makes it absolutely delicious and I would definitely recommend it.

I loved using the white buttercream, and how it masked the colors inside. It was perfect for giving to a crowd, because while it was beautiful to start out with, there were plenty of ohhs and ahhs when I cut into it and revealed the colors.

The cake is put together much the same way any other cake is put together, and for all the pizzazz the colors give it, it is an ingredibly simple cake. I stacked my cakes starting with the purple on the bottom, and frosted each layer as I made my way up to the red at the top.


The one important thing to make sure to do is the crumb coat. Because of all the colors, it is vital to have a thick enough layer of the white frosting on the outside, which is made much easier by doing an initial crumb coat, letting it firm up in the refrigerator, and then frosting it “for real.”

This was not made recently, and I didn’t take a million pictures as I have started to do now that I have a blog…and have turned into a crazy person. Just kidding, but I do take an abnormally large amount of pictures of the things I bake nowadays.



I believe the baker who “discovered” the rainbow cake is the baker behind the wonderful blog Whisk Kid. I used her recipe and was quite happy with the results. There are like a million ingredients (not really) and since I made it a while ago I am not sure if I made any changes worth sharing. Because of that, instead of re-typing up the recipe for you all, I am simply going to encourage you to visit the Whisk Kid’s page for the recipe ingredients and directions. (Click here for the recipe!) There are many recipes out there for similar cakes, but I trust the Whisk Kid, and other blogs I follow who have also tried a similar cake have also used the same recipe.


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