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Summer Reading Adventures Part 2: Japanese Literature

Alright, the second book on my summer list is the Anthology of Japanese Literature. As you may remember from Part 1 of my Summer Reading Adventures, I mentioned that it is helpful for language learners to be familiar with the material they are approaching in their native language. If someone doesn’t have that foundation, they have to face an overwhelming amount of input due to the new vocabulary as well as the new concepts or stories.

Going off of that idea, I am reading this anthology to try to have a stronger foundation in Japanese storytelling and key cultural concepts. By understanding these concepts in English (my mother tongue) hopefully I will have an easier time in the future reading Japanese stories in Japanese. If you are interested, this book can be purchased here on Amazon.


This book begins with stories first published in 794, and the stories slowly progress into the mid 19th century. This book is a great introduction to a wide variety of Japanese authors and different writing styles.



This book is also great for people interested in Japanese culture and who are just beginning to learn the Japanese language, as it is entirely written in English.

Japanese level needed: none

I hope this was helpful! If you didn’t already see them, check out Part 1 and Part 3 of my Summer Reading Adventure series, all of which focus on different areas of Japanese language, culture and travel.


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