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Spring Citrus Cake Pops

Remember the other day when I made a Spring Citrus Cake…and then had to re-make it because the first cake was a total flop? Well, I do >.< But thankfully I turned the memory into a positive one, by using the failure cake to make cake pops!


I never used to like cake pops. Like, I was completely against the whole idea of them, and I only tasted one for the first time about 2 months ago. However, now that I was able to salvage a cake because of them, I am feeling a lot more understanding.


You can find the recipe for the cake here, and the only thing is that instead of making it into a cake, I wrapped it up and refrigerated it until I was ready (had time) to make the pops. That ended up being about 2 days later, and the cake still tastes delicious. Also, because I used all the frosting ingredients for my actual cake, I used a can of store-bought frosting I had on hand for the cake pops. Although a quality of the frosting would improve the taste of the pops, because the frosting is mushed into the cake and then the cake is dipped in candy coating, I don’t think it is vital to go through the effort (and expense) if you are just making cake pops to salvage a cake.

Alright, as I am writing this I guess you do need a few things in addition to the recipe on the other page. I also used:
1 can of vanilla frosting (actually, I used about 1/3 of the can for each color of cake…but you can use as much or as little as you want)
~2 bags of candy coating (I used white and yellow, and mixed them together to get a light yellow)
cake pop/sucker sticks

First, crumble the cake into fine, sand-like pieces.



Then, mix in frosting in small increments, until everything sticks together. Another way to know when to stop adding frosting is to taste it. No, I am not being sarcastic, I really mean it. There is a continuum from when the cake sticks together to when the cake is very saturated with frosting without being too wet, and you can really stop adding frosting whenever it suits your taste. I think this really changes depending on who you are making the pops for.

Roll the cake into small balls, then dip cake pop sticks into some of the melted candy coating and stick into the pops.



Freeze the cake pops, then after about 15 minutes dip them in candy coating. I dipped mine twice, and the first time I dipped them and set them upside down on a tray. The second time, I only used enough candy coating for the sprinkles to stick. ^_^ Yay for sprinkles!




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