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Pots of Gold Cake Pops

As you may remember, a few years ago cake pops were discovered and suddenly everyone and their mother were making them. At first, I was completely against the idea of cake pops. Then, as I started experimenting more with baking, I realized their creative potential. However, I had not, until today, made or eaten a cake pop.

Over the past few months, I have been waiting for the perfect recipe, and when I saw this one from ambrosia baking on Pintrest, I knew it was a sign! I love St. Patrick’s Day. I am Irish, but the reason I love the holiday is for all the food. Basically the day is an excuse to eat tons of corned beef and potatoes, and get creative with green colors in baked goods. Who wouldn’t want to take part in that? (Okay, so probably most of the people who like the holiday like the alcohol part, but we won’t even go there)


One thing that makes my cake pops unique is that I used a Gluten Free cake for the base. I tried using Pamela’s Vanilla Cake Mix for the first time, and I am so happy I did! The cake smells, feels and tastes like a simple vanilla wheat flour cake. It is absolutely wonderful, and I can’t wait to try other mixes from the Pamela’s line.


After the cake is baked and cooled, it is crumbled into tiny pieces :O I know, it was extremely traumatic!



Then, frosting is added to make a “paste” out of the cake. I added about 1/2 container of store bought frosting, which allowed the cake to stick together but not stick to my hands as I rolled it. I used boxed cake mix and canned frosting because I wanted to make lots of things this weekend, and it seemed silly to make an epic cake and frosting only to mush them together and hide them under chocolate. This worked out well, but I think I would like to try using a home-made frosting and cake next time.



After chilling the balls of cake for about 20 minutes, I placed lollipop sticks in them using some melted Wilton Candy Coating. I used black… but I think a dark brown would work well/maybe better 😛



Then I froze the cake pops for about 2 hours before dipping them in candy coating completely. I kept the cake pops “upside-down” on the pan to create a flat area for the top of the pots of gold.


Then I made rainbows out of candy coating. I bought white, then colored it myself… so the rainbows are pastel… If I made these again, I think I would add more color, but at the same time, I am semi-afraid of using food coloring, so who really knows 😉


I also melted yellow candy coating, and stuck the pops into some styrofoam


Then I used the yellow candy coating to adhere the rainbows to the cake pops and create “gold”


And they are finished! With one cake, I actually got about 30 cake pops, but I only made about 12 of them into pots of gold.



Here is what the pops look like if you cut into them. They are very moist and delicious!


As I mentioned, I was inspired by Ambrosia while making this recipe. However, I didn’t really make a “recipe” as I think cake pops are self explanatory, so I just threw things together.

However, if you are curious, these are the ingredients I used:

1 box mix of Pamela’s GF Vanilla Cake Mix
1/2 can store bought Vanilla Frosting
1 bag Wilton Yellow Candy Melts
1 1/2 bags Wilton Black Candy Melts
1/2 bag Wilton White Candy Melts (+food coloring to create the rainbows)
~30 6 inch lollipop sticks
1 block of styrofoam

Overall Rating: 4/5

Cake Rating: 5/5
Appearance Rating: 3.5/5 I definitely could have done better in the appearance department. These are cute, but there are many things I wish I could have done differently
End Taste Rating: 4.5/5 Delicious, but I don’t love biting into my desserts…



  1. caitlinliz says

    Maddie these are unbelievably adorable! I’m super impressed!

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