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Korean Wall Art

As you most likely know, I am a huge fan of language and involving language learning in my everyday life. I use the website Talk To Me In Korean for language learning and review, and have discovered some awesome Korean merchandise—which is actually relevant to language learning!—in their store. Honestly, TTMIK is one of the greatest language learning websites there is, and it is completely free! If you have any interest in learning more about Korean language and culture I highly suggest you check them out!

Not long ago, while browsing around in the TTMIK store, I found this adorable wall art and I knew it needed to be a part of my apartment. ^_^

Here is the process:

1) “Reading” the instructions…and looking at the pictures 😉


2) Here is what I received in the mail. It says 오늘도 웃어요, 그냥웃어요, which translates to “Smile today, Just smile”


3) Carefully take the sticker off the backing


4) Then carefully place the sticker on the wall or window where you want it


5) Press the sticker onto the wall, then peel off the plastic, leaving only the words on the wall.


TTMIK has several cute phrases like this, if you are interested you can follow the link here.

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